Seven Oceans Distances

All humans are equal.

The earth belongs equally to all of us. A freedom to roam.

The air belongs equally to all of us. A freedom to breathe.

The water belongs equally to all of us. A freedom to nourish lives.

Why should the distances on earth not belong freely to humans?

Seven Oceans Distances                  Our freedom to nautical distances

Seven Oceans' Commercials

Charter IN & Charter OUT Scenarios

A flexible set of voyage estimates to suit all requirements of fixtures for dry, wet and gas cargoes. These serve the needs of Charterers, Operators, Shipowners and Commodity Traders.

For Dry, Oil and Gas Cargoes

The delivery of the modules can be made specific to cargo type or a combination, depending on the nature of commercial shipping business.

Pools & COAs

The application carries advanced POOL CALCULATIONS feature for gas and tanker trades, and a COA feature for dry vessels.

Advanced Sensitivity and Mark-2-Market BI

These 2 features make the application REVOLUTIONARY , a third pillar of our philosophy of – SIMPLE DESIGN, POWER TO USER and REVOLUTIONARY.

Seven Oceans' QMS


A repository of all procedural and informational documents under one umbrella. Read only access to crew on leave. All procedures where applicable, link up to TMSA,ISO 9k, ISO 14k and ISM Code.

Voyage Management

Reporting and monitoring of all position, vessel movement, cargo and engine parameters from ships.

Inspections & Audit

An enhanced platform for all possible types of internal and external inspections and audits. A common thread for all to monitor all deficiencies across inspections and audits.

Improvements Management

Unique workflows with Incidents, Near Misses, Permits, Meetings, Management of Change, TMSA Submission et al.

Competence Assurance Management

Mapping of competence to performance on a critical task. A decision making tool that helps management to promote and recruit staff.

Certificates Management

Comes with alerts and notifications to keep track.

Port Papers Management

All port papers that a captain needs in port, under one umbrella. Plus, port visit data is historically kept available in the system.


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