Seven Oceans' Philosophy

We are driven by three principles that define everything we do.

- Simple Design, Power to User, Revolutionary

Simple Design
A navigation that allows the user to go from any one screen to any other in a single click. This is applicable to all our solutions, whether in an enterprise mode or on the cloud.
Power to User
A powerful business intelligence tool to answer the question,what if I change my USD/Day or Fuel Price or Cargo Quantity or ALL?
The only commercial shipping software in the world that follows the voyage dynamics. All voyage tasks in a single row, thus no chance of missing any.

Seven Oceans Genesis

  • Seven Oceans Genesis is the think-tank that produced the world’s revolutionary commercial shipping application.  

  • All technology research activity at Seven Oceans is therefore under Genesis. The company allocates 15% of budgetary expenses to Seven Oceans Genesis.

    Making the application available to users on all kinds of devices from desktop computers to smartphones has been the most important effort here.

    Our team works in particular on shipping informatics, high performance computing, predictive analysis, business intelligence, big data and other modern trends. The melting pot of such disciplines is Seven Oceans Genesis that feeds these trends into our development and configuration platforms.